The Night Owls

The Night Owls are three Japanese men with mecha. You could be forgiven for thinking they are heroes, or even soldiers.

They aren’t.

They are hobbyists.

They restore 20 year old World War 4 mecha. They used to have a TV show, showing how they’d hunt down old parts and machine new ones when necessary to get their mechs operational.

Now they, their workshop, and their three operational mechs are in The City, and all their new neighbors are begging them for help and protection. Problem is, the guns don’t work, and the missile launchers are empty. Worse, some of the big nasties out there see these mecha and think “There’s our next target.”

The boys need to find some upgrades, and fast.

The good news – there are several places with mecha-sized weapons waiting to be claimed and used.

The bad news – there are reasons they haven’t been claimed yet.