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Welcome to Small Town Press, and its newest product, New Found Land.

Imagine an alternate universe.

Imagine a world of medieval fantasy. Wizards. Dragons. Knights and monsters.

Now imagine that above this world is a universe of science fiction. Interstellar Empires, Alien Starships. Robots and ray guns.

Now imagine that a starship from above crashes on the world below. Its warp drive explodes, creating a dimensional rift that drags in pieces of other alternate universes. Pieces of a single city that, in other dimensions, inhabits the crash site. A city called Toronto.

All the same city, but cities that were founded, controlled by, or reflect the values of:

The Vikings.

The Iroquois.

The Egyptians.

The Martians.

Nikoli Tesla.

PT Barnum.

And 10,000 more.

New Found Land is a comic about – anything.