Witch is a Job Description – Prologue.

Chapter One.

The universe consists of eleven spacial dimensions.

Your physical body is contained in the first three. Your “soul” exists within the next three. The remaining 5 contain your “appendages”.

Matter and energy rule in the first three dimensions. As you go up the dimensions, matter is mixed and eventually replaced by something sages have labeled “substance”.

Same with energy. Dimensions 4-8 become a mix where energy exists, but in smaller ratios, while something else mixes with and eventually replaces it.

Sages refer to this “something” else as Magic.

You use your appendages to manipulate magic, by sticking them in things and sucking magic down into 3D space.

That is all you need to know about magic. All the rest is mere detail.

This is the story of the sheer hell I went through learning the mere details.