Mike Harrington Biography

I started in the arts from humble beginnings; moving to a new neighborhood, I made fast friends with a guy named Joey Johnson who took me under his wing artistically– starting with side profile drawings and bubble letters I was well on my way to making art.

I began winning art competitions in school, and after graduating high school, I won a prestigious scholarship with the Congress/German Bundestag to learn art and the German language as an exchange student for one year in Germany. While there, I painted in pastels on the sidewalk outside the Cathedral in Cologne, as well as worked as a designer for a couple German ad agencies as a Praktikant (Intern), doing pasteups and other design projects for clients as varied as McDonald’s and Campari Soda.

Coming back from Germany, my design skills have followed technology; first as a graphic and multimedia designer, then as a web designer. I’ve worked for a variety of large and small organizations using my design and art skills to solve whatever problem was presented before me.

Now, I’ve come full circle back to my first love; comics. This site, and all the upcoming art will further my love of the craft, and I hope you’re excited to come on this great and fantastic ride that James has set forth. Get ready! 🙂