Witch Is A Job Description – Chapter 6

Creating a realm is freaking easy and bloody difficult. You go into the Immaterium and recite a story. Sort of like creating Never Never Land by reciting Peter Pan. Only YOU have to write it. In Kethrik, aka Dragon Tongue, aka magic language. The Ars has an appendix of 600 words of Kethrik ( because that book has EVERYTHING), but it’s still a burden working with such a small vocabulary. Yes, Prof Seuss wrote a book using only 30 words, but it was for pre-schoolers. This one was for adults, and the more detail the more powerful and useful the realm would be.

Oh, and

Getting into the house, I positioned myself over the magic circle and chanted. Fun Fact: the circle doesn’t need to be visible, just there. And you don’t need candles – they are only there to prevent things in the circle from getting OUT. Conjured demons, for instance.

As my chant came to an end, I found myself pulled – not upwards, but in an indescribable direction. And into an indescribable location. Everything looked like spider webbing covered in cotton candy, with the strands all stretching out to a vanishing point. Look in a different direction, and they all stretched to a different vanishing point. Up, down, left, right, all the same. I reached into my pocket for my notes and took a breath.

And discovered my pants were gone. The spell had moved me up the dimensions, but not my belongings. I would learn later that this was normal, and only magical items could come with you into the Immaterium, but at the time it was a shock. I would later find out that I can’t take anything but my physical body into the Immaterium. I have to recite my realm building story wiithout notes. I have to recite a 20+ page description of a realm and it’s major inhabitant(s) FROM MEMORY, or ad-lib on the fly. Did I mention I have trouble giving book reports?.