Seven Sticks Man

The first thing you notice about Seven Sticks Man is that she is a woman. As she explains it, “If you can call yourself “Captain this” or “Doctor that” without being a sailor or a physician, then I can call myself “something Man”.

The next thing you notice is that her explanation was written down – she’s mute.

The third thing you find out – often the hard way – is that she’s powerful. Her seven sticks each have a magical ability.

The Bamboo can grow to 100′, and widen enough to allow a car to drive through it.

The Cedar branch with the Seal of Solomon can summon a Genii.

The Kudzu branch will grow and entangle anything.

The Ebony stick, when drummed against a hard surface, lets her communicate with insects.

The Apple branch will produce fruit. Any kind.

The leaves at the end of her Witch Hazel branch can be brewed into tea that affects emotions.

Her Hawthorn staff will deliver blows with the strength of a giant, and when used as a lever can shift huge weights.