New Found Land: Introduction

New Found Land is a setting. It is a world where any kind of story can be told. ANY kind.

Superheroes, of course.

But also Ghosts. Wizards. Science Fiction. Gothic Horror. Crime Noir. Cyberpunk. Steampunk. Western.

The possibilities are endless. So are the stories.


New Found Land is an exploration. It is an examination of superhero tropes, like

Canadian Shield: What would a “Strange Visitor from Another Planet” be really like? Shield looks like Superman, but his thoughts reveal his alien nature.

Doctor Reacto: Is having godlike powers worth paying a terrible price for them? The advanced tech in his body is slowly changing him into – something he doesn’t understand.

D6: What happens when a high functioning autistic gains super powers? He is smart, but his judgement is sometimes questionable, and questionable judgement is something a superbeing should not have.

Niagara: Why wouldn’t a god of myth search for more worshippers?

Dolly Lama: What happens when a child with super powers is forced into the grown up world? She was having so much fun pranking teachers and bullies – why did death and the fate of the world have to get involved?

Captain Church: When you devote your life to your mission, what happens when your mission disappears? Church needs a new mission for himself, his ship, and his crew. But it has to be an acceptable mission.

Steel Scorpio: What would you do if you had super powers, but you still weren’t powerful enough? The woman he loves, who needs him, is in another dimension. He has to get back – and he will do ANYTHING to do so.

Seven Sticks Man: Should ANY kind of people be allowed to be superheroes?

Stranger Augustus: You’re a century into a 1,000 year lifespan. What are your long term plans? Should you really care about the day to day lives of mortals, or can a few suffer or die to ensure a bright tomorrow?

Soul of Mimico: Should ghosts really care about life and death? Everyone dies, and death is not the end.